Tesamorelin TH9507 2mg*10

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20mg/box tesamorelin for 2mg*10vials



20mg/box tesamorelin for 2mg*10vials

MFG DATE: in 2024
Directly manufacturer supply.
Each batch we donot produce too many, for keeping freshness and quality.
Each batch tested and then shipped.
No any worries about the quality, 2 years quality guaranteed.

No water included.
labels on the vials.
Outer white card box or wrapped bubble packed.
Labels/boxes designing and printing: OEM/ODM Labels/stickers/boxes if you want make your own brand.

please leave the right shipping info for dropshipping.

Customize mg/iu for one vial:
over 20boxes (200vials) can be customized.

Tesamorelin, which used to be called TH9507, is peptide called a GHRF (growth hormone-releasing factor). Tesamorelin causes growth hormone (GH) to be formed and spread in your body, which helps to increase your metabolism, reduce your abdominal fat, improve your body shape as well as the use of energy.

In fact, clinical trials have revealed that tesamorelin significantly reduces belly fat (fat tissues that are deposited in the midsection of your body around your abdominal organs) with few side effects, although stomach fat may return after discontinuing tesamorelin (depending upon the individual).

It Boosts Cognition in Elderly
Typically, tesamorelin is a stabilised analogue of the GRF (growth hormone-releasing factor) that induces growth hormone in a specific as well as a physiological way.

Tesamorelin Peptide and Fat Loss
Tesamorelin has been proven to decrease lipodystrophy. Lipodystrophy is a disorder that causes changes in the placement of your body fat, which includes wasting and fat accumulation as well as changes in metabolism. People with lipodystrophy can develop excess fat, especially around their stomach, liver plus other abdominal organs, which is also known as visceral body fat.

Tesamorelin Peptide Therapy Overall Benefits

Improved cognition in individuals over 60 years old.
Reduced cIMT (Carotid Intima Media Size).
Reduced VAT (Visceral Adipose Tissue).
Reduced Triglycerides.
Increased IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) without altering glucose parameters.
Reductions in deep abdominal fat.
Increased natural production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH).


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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 mm






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Fresh produced in 2020

Shelf Life

Two years in proper storage


White lyophilized powder


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