SR9009 Raw SARMs powder 10grams

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SR9009 Raw SARMs powder 10grams



SR9009 Raw SARMs powder 10grams


MFG DATE: in 2024
Directly manufacturer supply.
Each batch we donot produce too many, for keeping freshness and quality.
Each batch tested and then shipped.
No any worries about the quality, 2 years quality guaranteed.


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SR9009 is a brand of Rev-Erb ligand which can be swallowed. It’s make up is unique. Due to its ability to stimulate Rev-Erb protein, SR9009 can to a large extent influence most regulatory system of the body. It influences the lipid and glucose mechanism, circadian rhythms, cells that store fat, glucose and lipid metabolism and macrophages. SR9009 has the capacity to increase the endurance power of an athlete.

How it works

SR9009 sets off a host of processes in the body through the activating and binding of Rev-Erb protein. Its greatest potential comes from its ability to stimulate further production of mitochondria, thus enhancing metabolism in the muscles.

Once the amount of mitochondria in the muscle increases, the user will experience an increase in endurance and strength levels. As a matter of fact, lab mice that received dosage of SR9009 experienced 50% increment in their running speed. One solid explanation for this boost in endurance is that mitochondria have been responsible for the generation of energy in the muscles of the body. With the number of macrophages increasing as well, every dead mitochondrion will be eliminated with new ones added.

Added to this, as the metabolic rate of the body changes, the amount of energy burnt by the body increases by 5% especially when a user is resting. This is where SR9009 becomes helpful because it would help burn off excess calorie instead of converting them to fat. By also enhancing the metabolic rate of glucose, SR9009 stimulates faster burning of fat, thus making the body believe it is being put through regular exercise. Research has it that activation of Rev-Erb protein by SR9009 brings about:

“….decreased lipogenesis and cholesterol/bile acid synthesis in the liver, increased lipid and glucose oxidation in the skeletal muscle, and decreased triglyceride synthesis and storage in the WAT.”

In simple terms, Stenabolic decreases the amount of fat and cholesterol stored in the body, and burns off fat and glucose stored in the muscles.

Stenabolic still offer many more benefits other than this. Recent studies conducted on this supplement have revealed that it has the capacity to reduce:

Plasma triglycerides by 12%

Total cholesterol by 47%

Plasma non-esterified fatty acids by 23%

Plasma glucose by 19%

Plasma insulin level by 35%

Furthermore, it also needs to be noted that SR9009 has the capacity to reduce proinflammatory cytokine IL-6 by as much as 72%, thus helping reduce inflammations.

Medical uses

Added to the several health benefits it offers, SR9009 can be used for different medical application. For example, its ability to reduce triglycerides and plasma glucose makes it effective in the treatment of type II diabetes. Stenabolic is also effective in the treatment of sarcopenia which is responsible for loss of strength in the muscle usually experienced as one gets older.

Furthermore, doctors have been using SR9009 for the treatment of obesity especially for cases where dieting and exercising hasn’t proven effective. Lastly, its ability to effectively treat health complications caused by cholesterol can’t be overestimated.

An effective body building supplement

One needs not to be told that SR9009 will work wonders in improving the endurance, strength, muscle hypertrophy (growth), body metabolism, fat loss and sugar level of a person. It won’t be surprising to see SR9009 offer the same benefit as Cardine (GW-501516). Considering the fact that Stenabolic is effective when used solo or stacked, this means it will be an excellent supplement which can be taken alongside any steroid or SARMS cycle, and will enhance a user’s performance when combined with Cardarine.

Conclusively, Stenabolic will empower a user to lost fat, lift more weight, shed some muscle mass, and enhance cholesterol level of the body. SR9009 is efficient especially when used alongside steroids like Trenbolone and Anavar in performing Cholesterol and Cardio management.


Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 mm






Brand Label



Fresh produced in 2020

Shelf Life

Two years in proper storage


White lyophilized powder


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